As the world comes to a standstill
Coming to terms with a silent abyss;
Countless minds begin their own torment
For thoughts in isolation are much harder to dismiss

Time is now nothing but illusion 
Remnants of moments past no celebrated enough-
Warm hugs, cups of coffee missed too much
Fleeting moments of love and connection,
The beautiful, healing power of human touch.

I awaken to another post in the digital maze
Alerting me to the enduring turmoil,
Unable to discern fact from fiction
Another that my mind will subconsciously toil.

I call my family across the country, 4000 kms away;
Countless hugs away;
Several closed borders away;
But comfortingly, just one phone call away.

This shared tragedy binds us
Though we may not be able to hold hands,
It poignantly reminds us
Despite everything, strength in unity still stands.

So I tell myself, dear me:

As the world grapples with the truth
And fear at times engulfs compassion,
May you remember to look beyond your own pain,
For greed leaves hearts cold and faces ashen.

May you be there for those in need
And use your words kindly, to heal.
May you keep loving and dreaming
For hope is the only way through this ordeal.

~ Sneha Mishra

Image via: Getty Images

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