Words of Advice to a Fresher

Dear Freshers,

Welcome to uni! This is such an exciting time for you. You will meet so many new and different people, you’ll study your chosen subjects and be challenged in so many ways. Your world view will shift again and again as you’re introduced to new ideas, people and experiences. You’ll make friends, lose friends, make memories and do things you may later regret. This is a time for growth and change, make the most of it!

You’ve probably been overloaded with advice already, but here’s a few more tips we think will be helpful.  

5 tips to help you survive first year uni.

1. Stay on top of your lectures! You probably won’t be able to resist skipping a few here and there (or all the time) but make sure you listen to them regularly. There’s nothing worse than having a week to go before exams and hours of lectures to watch for every unit.

2. Carry some snacks. Walking around campus, studying or even just sitting in a lecture can consume a lot of energy, so some fruit or cereal bars will be your best friend. And make sure to stay hydrated!

3. Self care! Whether you’re busy with study and assignments, juggling a part time job or stressed out by too many social commitments, make sure you look after your mental health. It’s ok to ask for help if you need; from friends, family or by contacting Student Assist. You’re surrounded by people who want you to succeed, so let them help you do just that!

4. Stay active. Uni life can be quite sedentary, so go for a run or a walk, listen to music if you get bored. You could also put together a social sports team with some friends, or take advantage of the UWA gym. Not only will you stay healthy, the endorphins from exercising will lift your mood.

5. Don’t isolate yourself. It can be tempting to just go to your compulsory classes then head straight home for a Netflix binge, but try not to do it too often. Join a club or faculty society that interests you, and get to know the people in it, you never know what friends you might make. If your friends suggest going to the Tav after a long day, go with them!  

Starting at a new institution, especially one as big as university, can be intimidating and scary, but hopefully these tips can help a little. Everyone has started out as fresher at some point (including the tutors), so don’t be afraid to ask questions, get involved and ask for directions!

~ Priyanka Sharma

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